WUOC sprint silver, lucky Czech???

I have been asked many times if I had a blog or a website. Until now, I thought it was not necessary as I was not that successful, in my opinion than. The silver medal in sprint WUOC 2014, marked my breakthrough on the elite level and the start of this blog.

I did not feel comfortable before the championships and especially after seeing the starting list. I appreciate the support of my parents and my boyfriend who tried to convince me in my ability to perform well, because I had some good results earlier this season, especially in sprint: Silva League Bastad 5th and O-ringen Sprint – 9th. After the first leg of the sprint relay I got more confidence because  I finished comfortably on the 3rd position. Two days after that I became a SILVER MEDALIST in sprint distance!!!! I want to thank course planners for such a challenging technically and physically tough sprint. Also I want to thanks my team for their support (and this wonderful circlet of flowers!) and I was really happy to share my success with the close people. Now I realize that all the preparations I have made were right and I hope it was not the last great moment in my orienteering career.

With this silver medal I start to think that Czech Republic is lucky for me, as I was quite successful during my youth and junior carrier: 2011 (EYOC, bronze), 2013 (JWOC, bronze) and 2014 (WUOC, but now it was a silver). They were all in sprint distance. Coincidence or “Lucky Czech”?  – either way I am happy with these results so far and I will train even harder to be faster and stronger next season!

In addition I want to add that I am proud to bring the first medal for Belarus from WUOC, last year it was a first JWOC medal for my country. I am honored I could put Belarus in the spotlights of international orienteering with my performances. Hopefully it can mean something for the development of orienteering in Belarus.

Next big competition is going to be a World ARDF championship in Kazakhstan. After that I have not decided yet what exactly am I going to do. That is all for now, see you later!


some pictures:





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